Security Reporting

ACX takes the issues of cyber security very seriously. We understand that there are several fraudulent "ACX-branded" websites that have attempted to scam members of the public.

What should you do if you think you’ve received a scam email?

If you have received a scam email pretending to be from ACX, or have been directed to a suspicious "ACX-branded" website, please complete the following webform, containing as much information about the email or website as possible, then delete the offending email straight after. Never reply or engage with the scammer.

ACX Websites Domains

Please note the following are our only legitimate ACX-branded websites/domains.
The official ACX websites are the following:

If it is not on one of the above addresses, then the site you are on is not a legitimate ACX website.

Apps (Google Play store, Apple App store)

ACX DOES NOT have any official mobile application. Any web store or website claiming otherwise is a fraudulent site and should be reported.

Victim of a Scam? You Need To Act Quickly

Have you fallen victim to a scam? It is crucial to take swift action. How you were scammed will determine which financial institution you need to contact. For example, if the scammer took money from:

Credit/debit card
Contact your bank or card provider immediately to report the scam. Ask them to stop any transactions.
Gift card
Report it to the company that issued the card.
Wire transfer
Report it to the wire transfer company or bank you used.
Money transfer app
Report it to the app provider (the seller or developer, not the app store).
Report it to the platform or company you used to send the money.
If you sent it by mail or delivery service, contact the post office or courier company to see if they can intercept the package.
Unauthorised transfer
If a scammer has accessed your account to transfer money without your approval, report it to your bank immediately. Ask them to freeze your accounts and transactions.

If you have not already done so, please also report this matter to the relevant enforcement authorities.  If you live in a country or jurisdiction that has a Cyber Crimes unit in their law enforcement agency, we strongly encourage you to contact them as soon as possible. 


Help us to stop Scammers!

After you have done the above and only if you are conformable in doing so, please send ACX a copy of any correspondence between you and the scammer in the form below.  Please do not include any personal or banking information. We will then work with the relevant internet or website operators or administrators in attempting to close these websites down.