Redefining Energy with the ACX Biofuels Platform

The ACX Biofuels Exchange provides a unique
matching platform between buyers and sellers
for existing biofuels contracts and new contracts,
such as the Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF),
across the globe.

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The ACX Biofuels Platform combines our existing blockchain-based platform with our deep expertise in environmental credits and biofuels. It offers a unique marketplace where existing contracts published by reputable sources like Argus and Platts can be traded, alongside new contracts such as the Global Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and the Global UCO (Used Cooking Oil) contracts. By consolidating these offerings in one marketplace, we provide a trusted, transparent and efficient trading platform for buyers and sellers, as well as introducing an arbitrage opportunity by bridging the gap between publishing platforms and our marketplace.

Trading Hours

The electronic trading on the ACX Biofuels Exchange will be available 24/5, following the ICE Gas Oil Calendar. ACX may make adjustments to the trading hours and will promptly inform members of any changes.

Exchange Rule

All contracts will be traded in Metric Tons in premium. Commercial entities will fix mutually contract pricing through EFP (Exchange for Physical).
ACX will publish available pricing settlements daily. The pricing history for each contract will be collected and made available for all principals on screen.


All participants, including brokers, are required to undergo Know Your Customer (KYC) verification with ACX. Additionally, they must be approved by ISCC or any RED Certifier, including CORSIA requirements.
While brokers are not obligated to be ISCC certified, they must ensure that their counterparties are registered with ACX. For SAF contracts, all principals (except brokers) must have ISCC CORSIA registration.

ACX Biofuel Contracts