September 22, 2020    
All Day

The event started with a panel discussion on the “Emerging Carbon Market Insights: Role of Liquidity & Price Discovery”, co-organized by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), and the AirCarbon Exchange.

Followed by an interactive trading simulation session and friendly competition, sponsored and organized by AirCarbon. The virtual trading commissions earned through the event were donated to mitigating carbon emissions through the deployment of cookstoves in Malawi.


Emerging Carbon Market Insights: Role of Liquidity & Price Discovery



– Kamran Khan
Head of ESG for Asia Pacific, Deutsche Bank


– Leslie Durschinger
Founder, CEO, & CIO, Terra Global

– Josh Margolis
Senior Commercial Advisor, Emergent

– Dorjee Sun
CEO, Perlin

– William Pazos
Co-Founder & Managing Director, AirCarbon Exchange