Corporate Clients

Helping Corporations Transition Into A Carbon Constrained Reality

Companies are under pressure to offset their carbon emissions by shareholders, customers, and regulators. Most corporations are not experts in evaluating carbon offsets and have neither the time nor staff to negotiate bespoke purchases to meet their societal and regulatory obligations. 

The AirCarbon Exchange (ACX) offers Corporate Clients a transparent marketplace with traceable and fungible securities that meet demand. As the Exchange is blockchain-based, it allows all participants to look at the specific carbon credits underlying any AirCarbon Tonne (digital receipt) available on the Exchange. The ownership details are kept anonymous by default to ensure confidentiality but can be made public for companies interested in sharing their carbon purchases with their customers.

Helping our Partners meet their ESG Goals

ACX works with companies to offset the impact of their business activities through the purchase of carbon offsets. A review of ESG Goals by Sustainable Brands, found that top companies are all aiming to reduce their impact on the environment as more and more of their stakeholders demand it. ACX streamlines the purchase of carbon credits at scale with offsets that meet global standards for the Aviation Industry (CORSIA), the shipping industries, and other industry regulations. All carbon credits on the ACX platform meet registry standards associated with Gold Standard, Verra or CDM.

B2B Tools from ACX Partners

BlockC offers solutions for decarbonization such as:

  • GHG inventory, integration with supply chain GHG inventories
  • Calculating carbon footprint of products and services
  • Efficient access for auditors of GHG inventories
  • Carbon credits origination
  • RECs issuance
  • Decarbonization strategy using MACC (Marginal Abatement Cost Curve) and SBT (Science-Based Targets)
  • Capacity building and more.

Why choose the AirCarbon Exchange?

Steady predictable flow of de-risked carbon credits at cost.

Low Commission Fee.
Set at USD5/1,000 tCO2e, AirCarbon Exchange has one of the lowest commission fees.

Managed portfolio of carbon projects offering diversification across a basket of carbon mitigating projects. Carbon projects that are in the AirCarbon Exchange undergo stringent checks by BSI to ensure that they conform to our contract specifications.

Publicity on a 3rd party platform when desired for ESG publication purposes.