About Us

ACX is the leading global digital exchange that powers the future of environmental markets.

Our Mission is to help organizations and governing nations accelerate their transformation required to reach our joint Net Zero goals while fueling the funding of environmental-driven projects (nature-based and technology-innovation based). At ACX, we believe that the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) plays a key role in driving climate action by offering environmental credits to offset emissions that can’t be avoided or reduced otherwise, all the while driving a direct environmental impact through nature-based and tech-innovative projects. It's important to note that the ACX platform is an enabler and a connector, as such we do not provide broker nor consulting services. We focus on what we do best: enabling the secure and transparent funding of climate change, connecting the various global market players on a state-of-the-art technology, together with the collaboration of our ecosystem partners.

Our Vision is a world where sustainability and the global economy work in harmony.

Our Company Roots

Humble Beginnings

In 2019, ACX Exchange was launched as a digital carbon exchange, headquartered in Singapore, with support from Enterprise Singapore- the Singapore Government Agency championing enterprise development. Originally focused on CORSIA (Carbon Offset Reduction Scheme for International Aviation), the company soon expanded the carbon credits portfolio and is now offering a wide range of environmental credits.

Our Unique Approach

Our unique approach to the ACX Exchange is deeply rooted into our firm believes in transparency, efficiency and global scale. From purchase to holding to retirement of assets, ACX dramatically simplifies the end-to-end lifecycle of credit ownership through a highly efficient and advanced platform where every step is digitized and secure. Unprecedented transparency is realized through consistent pricing of credit categories underpinned by the revolutionary use of standardized contracts and the most advanced blockchain-based capabilities to drive consistency and visibility of all assets. Since then, we’ve remained true to our notion of bringing the principles of traditional commodities architecture to the modern world of environmental credits, making it easier to own, trade, trace, secure and settle these assets.

Scaling Up

Our company has grown and we have expanded our global reach with additional offices and representation in Abu Dhabi, UAE, London, UK and São Paulo, Brazil. In 2022, we have announced our goals to launch, in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), a leading International Financial Centre (IFC) and global platform for accelerating sustainable finance, a regulated carbon credit trading market. More to come on this front soon!


we are happy to share our brand transition from AirCarbon Exchange to ACX, establishing an ambitious company vision of creating harmony between sustainability efforts and the global economy.